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Doberman Health Survey 
25th-Jun-2012 10:46 am
Survey is at http://projectdog.org/, with a deadline of June 30.

"Dr. Neff's team would like to share that the response to the recent request for participation in canine research to benefit Dobermans has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL. They are IN AWE of the Doberman community!
Several hundred more participants are still needed, so please note the health survey closes June 30th. If you haven't participated already, please do, and please share with friends and all Doberman owners and encourage them to do so as well.
 Several additional items:
 1. Some survey participants will be receiving a targeted follow up survey in the near future: your specific responses for your Doberman(s) were of special interest to researchers and may help advance this study effort. NO email addresses or other information will EVER be shared or divulged to others, this is and will remain a strictly confidential undertaking between the researchers and ourselves.
 a. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, world renowned canine behaviorist and collaborator with Dr. Neff on Doberman behavior research, will also be undertaking a few select telephone interviews with a small number of survey respondents.  Participation is, of course, voluntary, but the research group would like to thank everyone for their support with these quality control efforts.  Dr. Dodman is a pleasure to speak with- and feel free to discuss any questions you may have if you are involved in a telephone interview.

2. Several hundred more responses are still needed to meet the goal of 3000 Dobermans participating in this focused research effort. Please participate if you have not, and share this email with ANYONE who owns a Doberman- thank you!
3. Also please note - information and specimens on ALL DOBERMANS are encouraged, not just Dobermans with disorders. Controls for both disease and behavior are of value, so **even if you answer No to every question on the survey**, a DNA sample from your dog will definitely help this research!
An overview summary of participation (ALL anonymous, statistics only) in this study will be provided shortly after the survey closes, and Dr. Neff will be speaking in greater depth on these issues during his presentation at Health Night at our 2012 National.

Thank you again VERY MUCH EVERYONE who has participated and will participate in this study effort. You continue to advance the reputation of the Doberman community as the #1 community of dog owners most dedicated to their breed!!
Kathy Davieds DVM"
26th-Jun-2012 02:30 am (UTC)
Apologies, I've had people complain that the link I provided doesn't work for them. The link that the DPCA provided, and that seemed to work for others, is: http://projectdog.org/69d98f40bfb038d0e14ce434b71aa539
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