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7th-Oct-2010 12:08 pm - have a seat
Does anyone else's Dobie sit like this? We call it "sitting like a people." Apollo kicks his back legs out in front of him and literally sits on his butt, not on his haunches like most dogs do.

Wanna Share?

He did finally get to lick the ice cream carton, if you were wondering.

Patience Pays Off
22nd-Sep-2010 02:10 pm(no subject)
• your apocalypse was fab
Ok, I'm curious. First off I'm not in the market for getting a new pup, but I'd like to know my opinions. I recently got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi [a herding dog] puppy, my fiance and I's first dog. Because my city allows us only two dogs and we are currently in an apartment we picked his dream dog first. A Corgi. It also was always showing up my breed selector test. As number two without fail, the only thing this breed was probably docked for was I don't care for small dogs. I have two cats, I don't need a small dog.

But my number one choice [twice] was a Doberman. So that got me thinking, if the dog was really right for me. The next dog will be my choice. Right now the two in the running are a German Shepherd [a dream dog of mine but after leaving with a herding breed, I don't know how much I'd like two of them] and a Newfoundland, a dog that also showed up as number one on the dog breed selector test. But I want some information about dobies from actual owners! I think the thing I love about them is the term Velcro dogs, I want a dog that knows who it's person is. And will do anything for me. Loyalty is awesome.

First question; How will they get along with another dog, a Corgi? Alfie is still a puppy so a lot of it depends on him but I'm sure given the fact that he's socialized I won't have a problem, again Alfie will be about two so weighing in at thirty pounds. I have seen my dog right now he get's over excited at times and barks at other dogs and jumps up at them because he's so short.  Again before we get another dog, Alfie will be completely 100% trained, my goal with him [and then the dobie] is to register him as a Canine Good Citizen and then go on and register him as a therapy dog. That means completing all obedience classes.

Do they get along well with cats? I have two cats, one of which is five and wants nothing to do with the new pup, and another who is just a year who thinks dogs are awesome, until she get's caught. My dog isn't out with the cats unless he's supervised. But I want to know how hard is gonna be with a dobie to introduce him or her to a cat.

Children!? I'm twenty-two and hope to have a baby within the next three years or so. How are they around kids? 

Male or Female? What's the difference? I am leaning towards a male, I just like the male dog and female cat combo, my corgi is a male too. Dunno if it makes a difference. And of course the dog would be altered as soon as he was ready.

Health wise? Are they heathly breed, what major things do I have to look for besides the big dog things besides bloat and hips [I am assuming].

Breeders in the Minnesota area? Or Dobie clubs?

OH! Also they seemed to be on the high risk breed list so home insurance, as anyone ever had a problem with getting Home Owner's Insurance, what steps need to be done in order to get insurance? Or does someone have a company that could give two shits about the dog breed.
18th-Sep-2010 03:19 pm(no subject)
Pippin doesn't want to leave poor Misha alone for even a minute.  Pippin is all about playing and Misha wishes she'd let her have a little more down time. I love this photo of Misha with her tongue out.

18th-Sep-2010 03:03 pm - A Double Dobie Weekend

Misha (clever_doberman 's pup) is visiting this weekend and Pippin is having a blast playing with her.  Misha is the one on the left.   I have kept them out of the almost-complete newly landscaped area in the backyard, but I decide to let them check it out for a little while this afternoon.  Most of the pictures I took were only parts of a dog because they were running all over the place.  Here's one where they both stopped for a minute.  The new mulch gave them a lot to smell. 


16th-Sep-2010 01:03 am - Introduction!
Hello all!

I've been watching this community pretty much since I got my girl last year, and thought I'd finally join up and post some pictures. I don't know anybody else who owns Dobermans, other than my breeder, who I'm not exactly close with, unfortunately, so it's nice for this community to be here for questions and bragging and pictures and such.

This is Elka (AKC name Elka V, of course meaning there were 4 others and she's number 5, but it's got more flare if you think of it as an actual letter V, so it's a stage name)

Elka in her snazzy red winter hoodie. She was, in fact, cold, and loved wearing, though not typically with the hood up.

Elka sixteen months old now (today!), thirty inches at the shoulder, and was 65 pounds the last time I weighed her. She seems to be in a growth spurt now (which is a little unsettling, as she's already a bit outsized), and when she's reached her kibble allotment of the day (California Natural, grain free), such as it is (too much makes for unpleasant poops), I've supplemented with veggies, yogurt, and good ol' meat (one at a time, not all in the same day). I've done all of Elka's training, as there isn't much in the way of a dog community in my area, or if there is, it's harder to get into than the French Underground, and no trainer that I've contacted has been 1. helpful or 2. acceptable with regards to price. As a result, I've read about a hundred dog training books this last year, for better and for worse, and though she's a little unpolished, we can certainly go out in public without marauding the countryside. She loves babies and children, is suspicious of manhole covers, and is exceedingly talkative (she actually "says" out, when she needs to go out. There's no T, of course, but it's pretty recognizable.)

I'm looking forward to being a member of the community, now, instead of just a lurker.

(edited to hopefully fix the pictures, sorry)
6th-Sep-2010 09:19 pm - Hello!
balance, dressage
 Hey all, I am new here.  I have a 10 month old Dobie named Stella, who is my dream dog.  I'd wanted a Doberman since I was fourteen years old, and this past April, (ten years later) my husband got Stella for me for my birthday.  She was somewhat of a rescue. Her breeder had to buy her back after finding out she was being passed around from home to home.  Apparently the original buyers couldn't take care of her anymore, so instead of returning her, they gave her to someone else who didn't want her.  We're so glad that we were able to give her her forever home.  We also have a pit mix named Sawyer, and the two of them are our babies.  Here's a picture of Stella:

29th-Aug-2010 06:30 am(no subject)
It's been so quiet here lately! Here are a couple photos of Apollo, taken back in April.

Flecked With Drool

Getting There
26th-Jul-2010 08:18 pm - Happy Birthday to our Puppy Girl
Pippin Ears

Pippin is 2 years old today.  She has brought so much joy and laughter to our family.  This is my favorite photo of her, she's only about a year in this photo.

11th-Jun-2010 07:25 pm - Frisbee Time!
We've been out in the yard a lot lately, and that means lots of frisbee!

Some of them are blurry.... sorry 'bout that. Collapse )

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7th-Jun-2010 07:07 pm - My Dobie, Lucy!!!
She is so cute!!!
11th-Apr-2010 05:33 pm - Apollo!
Ferocious Hunter Of The Woods
How scared would you be if you saw this face in the woods? Huh? Pretty terrifying, amiright?

Two more...Collapse )
27th-Feb-2010 11:38 am - baroo!
You're Hurting My Dainty Ears!
I love the look on Jenna's face in this picture. It's like she's saying, "Quit that racket!"
14th-Feb-2010 05:53 pm - Baines' Second Birthday!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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