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Doberman Pinschers

Brains + Beauty

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*Welcome to the Doberman Community!*

This community is for Dobermans, and the people that love and care for them. Anyone is welcome, whether or not you own a Dobe! Mixes are welcome too! We are here for the education, protection, working ability, and standard of the Doberman Pinscher.

*About the Doberman*


The Doberman is a relatively “new” breed, created in the late 1800’s. It’s original development is accredited to Louis Dobermann, from Apolda Thuringia, who died in 1894. Dobermann, for whatever reasons, required a strong, bold, protective dog that was untrusting of strangers and intelligent. Dobermann did not keep record of what breeds and what dogs he used to create his dogs, but it has been speculated that the now extinct German Pinscher dog, Black and Tan and Manchester Terriers, and older styled German Shepherd dogs.

When Dobermann died the dogs were called “Dobermann’s dogs” in his name. Otto Goeller is recognized as furthering the development of the breed and refining it.


Dobermans are a breed that are neither shy nor overly aggressive. They are a breed loved for their trustworthiness and loyalty to their family and owners. Dobermans are a protective breed, aloof with strangers and affectionate and loyal to their ‘pack’. Full of energy and intelligence, they are a breed that loves to have a job to do and excel at obedience, agility, flyball and other sports. Dobermans are called “Velcro” dogs at times, dogs that never want to be away from you and follow you everywhere, even into the bathroom! They require experienced and intelligent handling and training and are not a good breed for inexperienced owners or someone new to dogs.


Dobermans are a sleek and stream-lined medium sized breed, usually ranging from 24-28 inches at the shoulder, females being smaller than males. They have a level topline and are square in profile, being alert, muscular, and energetic looking. They have a well-defined tuck-up.

Ears are cropped and carried erect while tails are docked at the second joint or so and dewclaws are removed. Some countries have one or more of these processes banned, so Dobermans from there are all natural. They have a wedge-shaped head and almond eyes.

They come in four distinct colors; black, red, blue and fawn, all with rust or tan colored markings on the muzzle, neck, above the eyes, on all four legs, two spots on the chest and below the tail. Blue and fawn are dilutes of black and red respectively, dilutes generally have a thinner coat than non-dilutes.

*Black Dogs*

gazoo02's Jingo.

Image courtesy tenna.

*Red Dogs*

Winsome's Hot Damn Here I Am
Picture by tenna

gazoo02's Cosmo.

*Blue Dogs*

Photo courtesy piperredfern

doberkim's Oohrah

*Fawn Dogs*

slave2tehtink's Tink.

*Albino Dogs*

Photos courtesy dobefinatic.


What are tags?
Tags are put onto entries, basically telling us what the contents of the entry or comments are about! Almost every entry in this community is tagged, with topics such as "ear cropping", "breeders", or "breed characteristics". For example, if you are interested in ear cropping, you can look up all the posts in this community that have had ear cropping discussed! This way there is a possibility that you can find posts that have your questions already answered, instead of having to wait for replies. =)

How do I get to the list of tags?
Tags for this community can be viewed by Clicking Here! It will pop up in a new window for convenience. Also, tags can be viewed on the sidebar of the community page, just click here: dobermans to see.

Who tags the entries? Do I have to do it myself?
tenna tags all the entries. There is no need for you to tag them, and it would be preferable that you let tenna do it. Why? Because we want all entries to go under the right tag! Some topics can be called different things (like potty training can be called several different names), and we want them to all match up for convenience.

Why does every dog have it's own tag?
Well... Why not? Every dog gets his or her own tag. It will be [lj username]'s [dog's name]. For example: Kayashta's Cai.

***As in any breed specific community, breeders do get brought up a lot. If you are looking at a particular breeder, feel free to post and ask for people's opinions on them.
***Before posting though, please check the Breeders Tag and the Breeders section in the memories.
***The Doberman Pinscher Buying Guide covers what to look for in a reputable breeder! Please read that guide first before deciding on a breeder. =)

*Some ideas on what to post*
***Anything Doberman related, obviously!
***Pictures!! We here at the Dobermans community LOVE pictures. There is currently no rule on keeping pictures behind cuts, we don't feel a need for them. But if you're going to post more than five or so pictures (or if they are really large), it's a nice thing to put them behind a cut. :)
***Puppies, new arrivals, or announcements on getting a new dog! We always love to hear about Dobermans (or any dog) getting a good home.
***Questions. Have any questions Dobe related? Feel free to post it here!
***Training advice or questions.
***Health problems or questions, especially if specific to Doberman Pinschers.
***Breed Specific Legislation.
***Breeders (please tell *facts* about them, don't bash them.)

*What to NOT post about*
***Irresponsible dog ownership that doesn't specifically relate to a Doberman (Please keep that to stupidpetowners)
***Condoning abuse, neglect, or irresponsible animal ownership. If you, in some way advocate abuse or neglect in anyway you will be banned.
***Flame posts. They are stupid, annoying, and will be deleted.

***Be civil. Got nothing nice to say? Don't say it!
***If you have a personal problem with someone don't be public about it, because frankly, we don't want to hear about it.
***Use common sense. If you think a post or comment will come across badly or get a bad reaction from the group, don't post it.
***This is an open-minded community, if you aren't, leave.
***Respect the moderators.

*Good links*
Doberman Pinscher Club of America Doberman Pinscher parent club, includes valuable information.
AKC - American Kennel Club homepage.
White Dobermans - Facts about albino and white factored Dobermans.
Doberman FAQ A great question and answer page about Dobes.
Rescue Doberman Owner's Manual - All about rescuing or adopting a Doberman and information on what to do.
BSL - Names several places in the US affected by breed specific bans.
COPE Doberman Rescue webpage
Doberman Pinscher Buying Guide - Guide to purchasing a Doberman Pinscher, covers what to look for in a reputable Doberman Breeder.
Petfinder - A great resource to search for dogs in shelters or rescues. You can search by species, breed, age, sex, location, and more. Tons of animals listed on here!

*Health Problem Links*
Health Problems in the Doberman Pisncher - A well laid out page explaining and describing health problems, how they're inherited, and symptoms.
Hip Dysplasia Information on hip dysplasia
Hip Dysplasia More information on Hip dysplasia
Canine Cardiomyopathy Information on Cardiomyopathy in dogs
Wobblers Information on Wobblers
Wobblers More information on Wobblers
Wobblers Treatment Alternative treatment to Wobblers
vWD Information on vWD
Pet Place More info on vWD
Care for Hypothyroid Dogs
Hypothyroidism in Dogs
PRA About PRA in Papillions, but has good info and pictures.
PRA Information about PRA.
More About PRA

*Good reads*
The New Doberman Pinscher by Joanna Walker and other noted breed authorities
The Doberman Pinscher: Brains and Beauty by Rod Humphries and Joanna Walker
The Book of the Doberman Pinscher by Joan McDonald Brearley
The World of the Doberman Pinscher by Anna Katherine Nicholas
A New Owner's Guide to Doberman Pinschers by Faye Strauss

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tenna - Pippinislove @ gmail.com

kayashta - Can be e-mailed at vaneya30 @ gmail.com

*Please e-mail us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have about this community or its members. If we don't respond within a few days, feel free the resend the e-mail, as it may have gotten stuck in our junk mail.